OpenBSD Donations

The OpenBSD Project is volunteer-driven software group funded by donations. Besides OpenBSD itself, we also develop important software like OpenSSH, LibreSSL, OpenNTPD, OpenSMTPD, the ubiquitous pf packet filter, the quality work of our ports development process, and many others. This ecosystem is all handled under the same funding umbrella.

We hope our quality software will result in contributions that maintain our build/development infrastructure, pay our electrical/internet costs, and allow us to continue operating very productive developer hackathon events.

The OpenBSD Foundation is a Canadian not-for-profit corporation that assists the OpenBSD Project according to government-approved charter rules, as exemplified by their funding activities from previous years.

Canadian tax structure does not consider "software projects" eligible for charitable contribution, so the donations are not generally tax deductible. In many circumstances they can be deducted as an operating expense, so ask for the advice of your own accountant. In some countries corporations can deduct their donations under the terms of "Good Will". Those who require strict-format contribution receipts should contact the directors.

The OpenBSD Foundation collects donations by Cheque, Bank Draft, PayPal, PayPal recurring, or Benevity.

In addition, contributions of funds or hardware can also be made directly to the OpenBSD Project:

Such contributions are considered strictly gifts to the OpenBSD Project, and are not related in any way to the OpenBSD Foundation.

The following is a chronological list of people and organizations who contributed direct to OpenBSD, OpenSSH, and our related projects during the early years (1997–2011). Nowadays this is updated less frequently, as contributions are primarily managed by the OpenBSD Foundation. If you or your organization are not listed, we still thank you.